Presented by KC Henna Supply

Presented by KC Henna Supply

Friday, April 13, 2012

Sealing Henna Candles, the EASY way

When I was younger my mother was an avid rubber stamper. She showed me this method and... low and behold, it works beautifully on henna'd candles. 


Candle, decorated with Henna. Make sure the henna is completely dry. 

Wax paper. you want a piece long enough to wrap completely around your candle to create a tuft of paper in back that you can hold on to. 

Heat Gun


After your henna has completely dried take a long sheet of wax paper and wrap it arround your candle with the extra in the back. You want enough wax paper to create a handle to hold your candle by.

Take the heat gun and heat the candle to met the wax. Tighten the grip on the wax paper to put pressure on the henna, pulling it into the surface of the candle. Use the heat gun like a hair dryer to slowly melt the wax evenly. 

Once your wax is glossy carefully peel back the wax paper. The henna should now be protected under a layer wax. If it is not completely encased re-wrap the wax paper and repeat the heating process. 

A few notes:

Henna with oils and sugar may burn, please heat them carefully.

This method is best for candles with lighter colors of wax, but any candle will work.

You can also use this method to seal beautiful henna designs on paper to candles. 

Explore, play, have fun and make something wonderful today!


 Want to see it in real time? Check out this little video :)


  1. Crazy cool!! You rock, Dyp!! I love this and can't wait to dig the embossing gun out--Thank you!!!!!

  2. wow that looks so much easier that what I do =) thanks! I want to try it

  3. can you use a hair dryer instead of a heat gun??

  4. can you use a hair dryer instead??

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  6. Never thought of using wax paper and a hair dryer to dry my henna candles, I will definitely give it a try!


  7. Hi .. is it safe to burn the candle after?

  8. Hi .. is it safe to burn the candle after?

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