Presented by KC Henna Supply

Presented by KC Henna Supply

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Henna Hot Hands

It's been awhile... I think it's time for something new... Something comphorting...

Hot hand bags:

Henna prepared without oils or sugar
Cotton gloves
Flax seed, dry feeder corn, rice, dried lavender

Hennad hot packs are a perfect craft!

Since hot packs are not washed, the henna lasts longer. Use these to keep your newly henned hands warm. Or place on the tummy of a sleepy baby to make them feel like mommy is close by. Plain white cotton gloves can be bought at children's stores, they are often used for tea partys. They are thick with solid stitching. Cheeper gloves can be bought at dollar stores but they are made from a poly cotton spandex blend and do not stain as well.


Henna, heat set, fill, sew and go! Could not be more simple!