Presented by KC Henna Supply

Presented by KC Henna Supply

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Super fast, uber cheep, quick change tip cups.

Sometimes you get to a gig and the atmosphere is different than you expected. Often I bring one tip sign and realize it is not appropriate for the mood.

Here is one solution.

Use a "design - a - mug" from a craft store. They are about a dollar and come in several sizes. They feature a clear plastic cup and an insert. The insert holds paper against the clear plastic cup.

The great thing about this tip cup is you can store multiple messages in the cup and change them out as needed.

Method: could not be be simplier!

1: Open the box, remove the cup, remove the incert from the clear cup.

2: Inside the cup is several sheets of paper, usually with coloring sheets on them.

3: Use the color sheets as a template to cut your own paper inserts.

4: Write your own tip message on the cups.

5: Put the cut back together.

6: Waggle your new cup at people and smile as they tip you.



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